A friend of mine, a famous architect, recently threw a party with a particular dress code on his fabulous spacious terrace. «White only» sign on the invitation clearly implied that at the WHITE PARTY everything should be white: outfits, decor, food and drinks. White pillows, white chandeliers and candles, white table clothes and chair covers were everywhere. The tasty salmon and prawns were coated with a layer of white cream and cottage cheese. There were coconut balls, lemon and mint cupcakes and white meringues for the dessert. The alcohol drinks were also white as well as non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers... All the guests looked fantastically attractive on this white background, as angels in «Midsummer Night's Dream».

    I was surrounded by a crowd of fashionably dressed people in white, and my family doctor was among them. He was also dressed in white as everyone else at the party, but unlike the others, he just wore his medical uniform – white medical pants and a jacket. He looked splendid, framed by the summer sunset. At this moment all my thoughts were occupied by a single question – did the medical ethics allow the affair between a doctor and his former patient?

    In the western ethical codes it is said that personal relations are allowed only several years after the end of the treatment course, as it is really hard to be objective in choosing of a treatment for a beloved one. In this case a doctor might not be candid and objective in estimating the symptoms. The Hippocratic oath, now about 2500 years old,  doesn’t allow affairs with the patients proclaiming: «Into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm, especially from abusing the bodies of man or woman, bond or free.»

     But despite the ethics code and negative public attitude towards this matter, at this party, all my thoughts were occupied with my doctor, in a crisp white medical uniform…

Майя Янкович
сербский фeшн и lifestyle блоггер. Родилась в Белграде в 1970 году. В 1993 году окончила Российскую Экономическую Академию имени Г.В. Плеханова в Москве и прошла стажировку в Каннах и Милане. На родину вернулась в 1994 году , где начала свою карьеру журналистом и ведущей на телеканале “RTV Politika”. В процессе работы стала много времени уделять моде, красоте и lifestyle и была назначена директором специальных проектов сегмента премиум и люкс, в американскиx маркетинг компаниях GREY WORLDWIDE и DRAFTFCB. Последние два года пишет lifestyle и fashion блог для самого известного сербского торгового центра "Ušće” и руководит поддержкой и разработкой нестандартных креативных спецпроектов, реализовая опыт и творческий потенциал.

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