The importance of producing qualified doctors and medical researchers is recognized all over the world. If it is your dream to become a doctor, you might wonder which university is the right for you. There are thousands of medical schools at your choice worldwide, but for the top ones you might not be the eligible candidate due to many reasons. Some of it depends on your qualifiacations and some on the affordability of an actual tuition fee. However there are many Medical school scholarships, and if you get lucky, you might obtain financial support covering 100% of the four-year cost of attending medical school – including tuition, accommodation and other expenses.

     It is important to chose good Medical school, as graduating from World’s prestigious medical schools would certainly keep the doors wide open for your future employement and further development. Universities of Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Yale, UCLA or Columbia in the US, or UK Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, or famous Universities in Europe like Karolinska Institutet in Sweeden, Erasmus Rotterdam in Holland, Heidelberg in Germany or Zurich in Switzerland would be a dream choice for every student. But how about our Medical schools? Lomonosov Moscow State University, or MGU is Russia’s highest ranked institution, Novosibirsk State University is currently ranked second , famed for its rapid rise in reputation, while the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Russia, Saint Petersburg State University is currently ranked third in Russia.

     No matter what Medical school you are going to chose or already have chosen, bear in mind that you will have to deal with the following:

     While learning medicine you will read torturous lists of symptoms for different diseases daily. And although you  are completely healthy, you will feel that you are suffering from the symptoms of certain diseases and that is called Medical Students Syndrome. So, Expect this syndrome and eat it for breakfast!

     The other  thing is, that from the day one, you must work on your reputation.  It will be your shadow during all your career and life. You have to work on being the best at everything: in your exams, and in your  personal life. Thus, besides obvious dedication  to excellence in mastering your medical skills, you also must present yourself as a future doctor, thus deveop an image that will enchance your dedication to the future profession and that makes you distinctive from the other students. The right choice of your white coats, scrubs or tunics will make you visible and memorable in addition to your achievements as a student.

     We wish you to start building your image and reputation from the day one, as a person with a style and integrity, but most importantly we are daring you to become the skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate doctor that every patient deserves. Good luck!

Майя Янкович
сербский фeшн и lifestyle блоггер. Родилась в Белграде в 1970 году. В 1993 году окончила Российскую Экономическую Академию имени Г.В. Плеханова в Москве и прошла стажировку в Каннах и Милане. На родину вернулась в 1994 году , где начала свою карьеру журналистом и ведущей на телеканале “RTV Politika”. В процессе работы стала много времени уделять моде, красоте и lifestyle и была назначена директором специальных проектов сегмента премиум и люкс, в американскиx маркетинг компаниях GREY WORLDWIDE и DRAFTFCB. Последние два года пишет lifestyle и fashion блог для самого известного сербского торгового центра "Ušće” и руководит поддержкой и разработкой нестандартных креативных спецпроектов, реализовая опыт и творческий потенциал.

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