Being a doctor has it's phenomenal benefits. One advantage of being a doctor is the job constancy. As long as there are people, diseases and sickness, doctors will be needed. Credibility, respectability and recognition are advantages that boost doctors’ image and attractiveness. Being true lifesavers, doctors build bonds with individuals and whole families as they help deliver babies, treat loved ones or solve aestetic problems.

     However, there is one benefit that all doctors have in comon. They are irresistable. In one way or  another. There is an emotion all patients and encountered people have when presented with the occasion of meeting a Docotr face to face. Why is that, you might ask? Well certainly there is that thing that makes us go „hmmm“ about the clothing/outfit of medical professionals. Be it a male or a female doctor, we cannot resist the temptation of thinking how these professionals look when they get out of their scrubs into civil clothes, or even envision ourselves in those modern colours and cuts. Well the fantasy often goes on! These thoughts are not uncommon amongst doctors either. It often keeps them inspired, moved and recharged even during their long shifts in hopsital! After all, doctors are doing the most noble job, so why not also look gorgeous while doing it?!

     Doctors should be charismatic, as a bonus to their professional attitude. They should all pay attention to their overall appeal, especially the variety of choices of their scrubs.  So, if they add a charming smile, combined with the confident and energetic attitude to it– these doctors become Half – Gods, like those in Greek mythology.

     So why shouldn't doctors profit more from this particular God given benefit as an addition to their obvious successful medical career? After the ultra-marathon education which they endured, they should enjoy their profession to the fullest! They should look fierce, independent and authentic in their work attire. The secret weapon enabling them to be close to looking like perfection, even in their lab coats, is having a stethoscope. It is an accessory image-wise, that always works, like a joker or Botox.

     We have thought through and carefully selected our offer for a Doctor's picture perfect outfit in our Showroom. Don't hesitate to order a catalogue, or visit our show room. We already do love the way you look, but why not look even better?

Майя Янкович
сербский фeшн и lifestyle блоггер. Родилась в Белграде в 1970 году. В 1993 году окончила Российскую Экономическую Академию имени Г.В. Плеханова в Москве и прошла стажировку в Каннах и Милане. На родину вернулась в 1994 году , где начала свою карьеру журналистом и ведущей на телеканале “RTV Politika”. В процессе работы стала много времени уделять моде, красоте и lifestyle и была назначена директором специальных проектов сегмента премиум и люкс, в американскиx маркетинг компаниях GREY WORLDWIDE и DRAFTFCB. Последние два года пишет lifestyle и fashion блог для самого известного сербского торгового центра "Ušće” и руководит поддержкой и разработкой нестандартных креативных спецпроектов, реализовая опыт и творческий потенциал.

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